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    Hongzhide Technology

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    Shenzhen Hongzhide Technology Co., Ltd. / Hong Kong Extension Industry Co., Ltd. BUSINESS WELL LIMITED is a professional electronic component distribution, agency and overall solution provider. The company was established in 2001, and the company’s main agent brand: parade (formerly fresco product line) ), Boli Micro, Vimicro, Core Vision, Sheng Yuan, etc. Company employees: 5 administrative and commercial personnel, 10 business personnel, and 2 FAE engineers to provide customers with long-term technical support services. Since the establishment and development of the company, our company has obtained the agency rights of many well-known brand companies, has accumulated rich agency experience in the development process of the past two decades, has a strong marketing force, and has accumulated a huge customer resource. And many times have been commended and rewarded by superior companies and downstream customers.

    Obtained the agency authorization of Vimicro in 2003. After several years of promotion and development, our company and many brand customers-computer camera customers: Shuangfeiyan, Duhua, ANC, Chuangzhicheng, Dingxing, Lenovo, Malata; surveillance camera customers: Gospel, Yidian Technology, competition It has formed a good business cooperation relationship, and achieved excellent results of annual sales of 300 million yuan in many years, becoming the largest agent of Vimicro.

    In 2005, our company established a partnership with Chipsbank, mainly acting for its memory-type master IC chips. When promoting Chipsbank’s products, our company takes full advantage of its strong technical support and years of agency sales experience. In addition to selling IC chips, it also provides customers with PCBA to broaden the sales level, achieving a monthly sales volume of 5KK.

    In 2009, our company obtained the fingerprint recognition algorithm IC agent of Shengyuan, and formally entered into the access control, smart door lock, security and other industries. Based on years of professional sales The in-depth cooperation with leading customers in the industry, such as Jia, Kaidis, Sakura, Changying, Tianyi, etc., has once again created good results. So far, these customers are still high-quality customers of our company's continuous cooperation.

    In 2010, our company formed a cooperative partnership with Fresco, acting as the agent of its USB3.0 host control chip, PD, and HUB chip, making full use of existing customer resources and high-quality technical services to quickly expand the market. At present, the main cooperative customers are: Luxshare, Haineng, Hailin, Hehong, Dehong, etc. Our company's performance accounted for more than 60% of Fresco's performance in USB3.0, TYPE-C and other projects, and has become the core of Fresco so far. Agents.

    Since 2011, we have also introduced Chiplink Semiconductor, Taiwan Yingguang, Baoli Micro, Tide and other product lines, and in-depth promotion in consumer electronics, smart home, mobile power, energy storage and other industries, with high-quality technical support, perfect After-sales service, strong marketing and major customers in the industry: TCL, Longyun Electronics, Genuo Electronics, Seiko Lighting, Skyworth, Qiaowei, Toptek, Topband and other customers maintain in-depth and long-term cooperation.

    Since the establishment and development of the company, we have accumulated a wealth of customer resources in the security, surveillance, consumer electronics, smart home, mobile power, energy storage and other industries. Based on the customer is our way of survival, expanding the market is the basis of our progress, we are a passionate and courageous team, we are a thoughtful and courageous company. We take God’s reward for diligence as our belief, honesty and trustworthiness as the cornerstone, and dare to give as our criterion. Looking forward to the future, we will develop towards a professional solution provider on the basis of chip agency to better build a bridge between suppliers and customers. In this way, we can create more economic benefits to give back to suppliers and customers, and grow together with our partners.


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